ITIL underpins ISO/IEC 20000 and has become a best practice methodology for managing Information Technology services within progressive IT organizations since its introducton in 2001.
Within the technology industry, there are significant training and consulting efforts for ITIL, however it is key to recognize ITIL is not a specific application or exact process.  ITIL is an advanced and comprehensive set of concepts, so the challenge is transforming these ITIL concepts into an actual implmentation.

In addition to ITIL, there are other best practices such as KCS which compliment the larger ITIL framework. 

With a complex implementation challenge and most IT organizations dealing with work overload situations, it is difficult for most to  achieve more than just some basic benefits from ITIL.
Vitil is a practictioner of technology service management and through our daily experience of unplanned changes, unforseen circumstances, unintended customer usage, a range of user skills and more, we have developed software called Service Cube which brings the concepts of ITIL into an actual implementation.

Here are some examples of how ITIL concepts are implemented by Vitil using Service Cube:
Service Design Service Portfolio Service Catalog
SLAs Exceptions Analytics

ITIL® is a Registered Trade Mark of the OCG in the UK and other countries. ITIL® is not associated with Vitil.